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We recommend that a child's fist visit to a pediatric dentist occur soon after his/her first birthday. We will perform a thorough examination and provide information about dental development, oral hygiene, diet and nutrition. We may also provide age appropriate recommendations regarding bottle feeding, nursing, and oral habits such as thumb sucking.

During this first visit your child may feel most comfortable sitting on your lap during the examination and enjoy a "magic ride on the special dental chair". We will use visual aids such as Videos (Baby mozart, Baby Van Gogh, Baby Doolittle), bubbles, and toys to make the visit as happy as possible.

For older children , in addition to an examination we will also provide a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment. If necessary x-rays will be taken. If any treatment is indicated, we will provide a written plan and review it with you.

Make This Visit A Positive One:

We, like you, want to ensure the best possible experience for your child. We have created a bright,colorful, and friendly office designed to suit her/his needs and interests.

We strive to make your child's visit as gentle, relaxed and rewarding as possible. After a friendly introduction to our practice, we will ask your child if he/she would like to watch a favorite movie from our big selection of fun and educational dvds and videos.

To put your child at ease we will take special care to introduce your child to all our procedures and instruments. We will �tell-show-do� which means we will explain and show your child how our "magic dental chair" ,"tooth counter", the �tooth tickler� and "special straw" work before using them. We also use visual aids such as drawing animated pictures, and allow them to feel the instruments on their fingers or hands before introducing them to their mouth.

We will also review your child's medical and dental history before examining and clean his or her teeth. We will provide you with information on preventive dental care, make age related recommendations for brushing/flossing,and nutrition so that your child can enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Since we believe that parents play an active role in maintaining the dental health of their child, we will encourage you to accompany your child during the first and following six month dental care visit. During each visit you will receive a "dental report card" specifically tailored to provide information about your child's visit, plaque level, and other oral/dental findings. This report serves as a visual aid and to help us communicate and share our findings and recommendations with you.

Before the first visit, you can prepare your child by talking about the visit in a positive way you would with any important new experience. You may be surprised that a visit to the pediatric dentist can be a fun and delightful experience.

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow your child time to get acquainted with our office and to allow us time to thoroughly prepare and review your child's record.

Thank you for choosing our practice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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